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We partner with our in-house clients on pro bono and social impact work that supports their personal interests in doing good, aligns with their company’s strategic priorities, strengthens their relationships with DWT attorneys, and increases access to justice for pro bono clients, communities, and causes.



Supporting all people facing gender discrimination in order to live their lives with dignity, safety, and autonomy.


Supporting Name Changes and Other Transitions

DWT is working with legal services organization Legal Voice to create a youth-focused guidebook that explains legal rights and procedures for trans youth in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. The guide covers name and gender marker changes, rights in school, workplace rights, transition-related healthcare, and non-affirming parents and guardians.


The project is being led by Tyler Maffia, with support from Brandon Braithwaite, Taylor W. Davison, Margaret Haggerty, Kristin Hoeberlein, Samantha Lachman, Jonathan A. Namazi, Monica Molina, Clint Monteith, Tahiya Sultan, and Flynn O’Neill.

In honor of Pride Month in June, DWT hosted a training with the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund on name change petitions. After the training, our attorneys assisted clients with legal name changes.


Project volunteers: Yasmin Amin-Reimer, Lindsey Krause, Michael Leone Lynch, Tyler Maffia, Erik Mass, Jonathan A. Namazi, Sharon O’Shaughnessy, Megan Raymond, and Stacy Shelton from DWT, as well as volunteers from Clif Bar and TNTP.

Advocating for Rights of homeless youth

Advocating for LGBTQIA+ and homeless youth and providing access to legal aid services is key to our pro bono practice. DWT partnered with Microsoft and Legal Counsel for Youth and Children on the Name Change Project to help youth experiencing homelessness in Washington state to change their names to align with their gender identity.

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