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We partner with our in-house clients on pro bono and social impact work that supports their personal interests in doing good, aligns with their company’s strategic priorities, strengthens their relationships with DWT attorneys, and increases access to justice for pro bono clients, communities, and causes.


Awards + Recognition

We’re honored to report that DWT’s commitment to serving communities in need and the tireless dedication of many of our individual lawyers received extraordinary recognition this year, at both the national and local level.

Chambers Pro Bono Innovation Award – In this highly competitive program that draws entries from the largest law firms across North America, DWT was recognized as the “clear winner” for innovations such as the In-House Pro Bono Summit and Protecting Journalists Pro Bono Program.


American Lawyer 2022 Industry Awards: Best Law Firm-Client Team – In another extremely competitive national recognition, DWT and Flynn Restaurant Group were honored for their decades-long partnership, including recent work to develop an in-house pro bono program at Flynn and assist the company’s furloughed employees during the pandemic.


Washington State Bar Association APEX Award: Legal Innovation – DWT was named the winner of this statewide award, recognizing the creativity, sophistication, and impact of the firm’s pro bono initiatives.


Corporate Philanthropy Awards – DWT was listed among the top 10 midsize corporate philanthropists (ranked by 2021 cash giving in Washington) by the Puget Sound Business Journal. The firm also was ranked #3 for in-kind contributions in the Portland Business Journal’s ranking of 2021 corporate philanthropy in Oregon.


American Lawyer “Women, Influence, & Power in Law” AwardsJoanna Boisen was recognized for her innovative leadership in this national program recognizing “top women lawyers who have made a remarkable difference in the legal profession.”


National Law Journal “Litigation Trailblazer”Thomas R. Burke was honored for his years of work at the forefront of First Amendment, public records, anti-SLAPP, reporters’ privilege, and other issues, including many important critical pro bono engagements.


Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law (New York Chapter) “Leadership Award” – Kaitlyn Fallon was the co-winner of this award, recognizing her deep dedication to the coalition’s mission.


Washington State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Committee 2022 Public Service and Leadership AwardJessica Roberts and Rose McCarty were named co-winners of this award, which annually recognizes four early-career lawyers from across the state who have made a meaningful difference through public service.


Multnomah Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Award of Merit – Portland associate Olivier Jamin was recognized for his demonstrated leadership. His pro bono efforts have included supporting the Criminal Justice Reform Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School and the Portland Community College CLEAR Clinic, which works to reduce barriers to employment, housing, and education.

Heart of Justice Awards
and Willard J. Wright Award Winners

Recognizing Extraordinary Contributions to Pro Bono

DWT annually bestows awards for outstanding commitment to pro bono to one partner, associate, and counsel.

This year, Adam Sieff, a litigation associate in our Los Angeles office, was recognized with the Julie Orr Heart of Justice Award.

In addition to his historic voting rights work, Adam represented plaintiffs in pro bono impact litigation involving educational equity, LGBT civil rights, and gender equality. He also serves on the executive committee of the New Leaders Council at Bet Tzedek, a Los Angeles legal services organization that helps people of all communities and generations secure life’s necessities.

Matt Jedreski, employment counsel in our Seattle office, was recognized with the Counsel Heart of Justice Award. Together, Matt and Adam have been leading a team of DWT attorneys who are co-counseling with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., and WilmerHale, on a lawsuit challenging  voter suppression measures in Georgia. S.B. 202, also known as the Elections Integrity Act of 2021, which created many restrictive voting rules, including a prohibition on non-poll workers passing out food or drinks to voters in line, new identification requirements for absentee ballots, and drastically reducing the time when voters can drop off absentee ballots during the early voting period.

In addition to his work on the Georgia voting rights case, Matt has worked to advance racial justice in Washington state by contributing a section to the Korematsu Center’s 2021 Report to the Washington Supreme Court entitled “Race and Washington’s Criminal Justice System,” which focused on pre-trial detention issues, particularly on the use of pre-trial risk assessment tools and the corrupt cash bail system. Matt’s pro bono practice also includes representing a Salvadoran family seeking asylum.

James A. Greenfield is the 2022 honoree of the Willard J. Wright Award. The award is given to a partner who demonstrates a commitment to the community. The recipient must display a continued dedication to his or her involvement in civic activities. For more information about Jim’s work in receiving this award, visit the domestic violence section of the report.

We are tremendously proud to call these lawyers our colleagues.

Colleagues Who Have Dedicated 20+ and 50+ Hours to Pro Bono

20+ Hours

Adedayo Akinbosade
Elaine Albrich
Anastasia Alen
Sam Alvarez
Keith G. Baldwin
Mark Bartlett
Ella Beres
Moiz Bharmal
Matthew Bornfreund
Jeff Bosley
Brandon Braithwaite
Scott S. Broadwell
Grace Bulger
Mark Burnside
Cindy Caditz
Adam S. Caldwell
Julie M. Capell
Jerome Chang
Jennifer Chung
Danielle Cohen
Heather Coldwell
Taylor Davison
Jonathan DeMella
Kathy R. Dent
Courtney DeThomas
John A. DiLorenzo
Chris Donati
Lauren Dorsett
Sarah K. Duran

Ardie Ermac
Sara Fairchild
Orrin Falby
Anna Fero
Stephen Franz
Jake D. Freed
Valerie Gallo
Craig A. Gannett
Stevin George
David Glanton
Michael Goettig
Rachel Goldberg
Boya Gou
Adam H. Greene
Alexandra Gregorski
Janet L. Grumer
Margaret Haggerty
Dorsey Hairston
Norman Hare
Leigha Henson
Jayanne A. Hino
Naazaneen Hodjat
Daniel Imakyure
Mike Jefferson
Katie L. Jeffrey
DeVaughn Jones
Vandana Kapur
Rebecca Kerley
Jen Keung

Sunny Knight
Barbara S. Kraft
Maureen Lawther
Kristal Leonard
Amanda Levine
Claudia Lin
Leo Liu
Katie Loberstein
Jasmine Loston
Michaela Malone
Elle Mattson
Michael McDonald
Shannon McNeal
Kevin Milewski
Matthew E. Moersfelder
Clint Monteith
Meghan K. Moran
Daniela Najera
Jonathan Namazi
Nara Neves
Stacie Neroni
Brenda Nixdorf
Alyssa Occhiboi
Kari Owen
Madhura Panjini
Ellen Parodi
Mohammad Pathan
Lisa A. Peterson
Anne Pfeifle
Nicole Phillis

Alex Porter
Olivia Powar
Vidhya Prabhakaran
Scott Prange
Greg Raburn
Richard M. Rawson
Ben Robbins
James E. Rosenfeld
Paul Roybal
Kayla Ruben
Kelli L. Sager
Roy Salins
Mary Sanden
Jodi Savitsky
Jillian Schlotter
Harvey S. Schochet
Jonathan Segal
Olga Sharma
Kelsey M. Sheldon
Rebecca Shelton
Stasia Skalbania
Walker Stanovsky
Miriam Swedlow
Jean Tom
James W. Tomlinson
Mark P. Trinchero
Farrah Vazquez
Angela Vogel
Nick Wegley
Caleah Whitten
LaVerne Woods
Maggie Wykowski
Rich Zukowsky

50+ Hours

MaryAnn Almeida
Megan Amaris
Yasmin Amin-Reimer
Maria Arakelian
Nimra Azmi
Robert D. Balin
Louisa Barash
Adrian Bateman
Sarah Anne Baugh
Kate Berry
Kristen Bertch
Chava Brandriss
Burt A. Braverman
Logan Brooks
Geoffrey S. Brounell
Maria T. Browne
Jack Browning
Nancy Brownstein
Erika Buck
Melissa Burgess
Larry B. Burke
Thomas R. Burke
Sarah Burns
Diane Butler
Alexandra Cadena
Heather Canner
Andrea Carino
Verónica Muriel Carrioni
Sam Cate-Gumpert
Jack Chang
Lindsey Cherner
M. Graham Coleman
Joanmanuel Comas
Robert L. Corn-Revere

David Cromwell
Tim Cunningham
Pat J. Curran
Chad Darcy
Allison A. Davis
Matthew Diggs
Nic Doherty
Rachel Douglas
Brent Droze
Megan C. Duffy
G. Roxanne Elings
Emma Englund
Abigail B. Everdell
Chike Eze
Kathleen Farley
Rhys M. Farren
Eric Feder
Daniel Fiedler
Jean Fundakowski
Alan J. Galloway
Dirk J. Giseburt
Scottland Glenn
David Gossett
James C. Grant
Alexa Graumlich
Derek D. Green
Nicole Greene
James A. Greenfield
Marina Gruber
Mary H. Haas
Hilal Haider
Julie Hall
Brittni Hamilton
Brent Hamilton
Laura R. Handman

Bradford Hardin
Ian Harris
Lauren M. Harris
Christine C. Hawkins
Kate Tylee Herz
Thomas S. Hillier
Meagan Himes
Brenna Hull
Taylor Hurwitz
Christopher Im
Olivier Jamin
Matt R. Jedreski
Bruce E. Johnson
Katie Jorrie
Caesar D. Kalinowski
Amy Kabaria
Michael Karas
Gavin Keene
Chelsea Kelly
Jordan Keville
Mike Khoury
Jin Kim
Danielle Kim
Patricia Kinaga
Michael Kolvek
Warren E. Koons
Thomas Kost
Lindsey Krause
Meenu Krishnan
Ambika Kumar
Sam Lachman
Dan Laidman
Eric Lamm
Andrew Launder
Daniel Leigh
Xiang Li

Michael Lynch
David MacKenzie
Tyler Maffia
Brendan T. Mangan
Rachel Marshall
Connor McCune
Zoë McKinney
Andy A. McStay
Nicole Medeiros
Bradley Miliauskas
Bill D. Miner
Ericka Mitterndorfer
Soraya Mohamed
Monica Molina
Ana Morales
David Nordlinger
Noel Nurrenbern
Shannon O’Neil
Shontee Pant
Patricia Peña
Ben Planchon
Elena Praggastis
Megan Raymond
Dana Reid
Jibraun Riaz
Adam Rich
Joel Richert
John D. Seiver
Lisette Sell
Alexandra Settelmayer
Marni J. Shapiro
Adam Sieff
Raina Singer
Vicky Slade
Eric M. Stahl
Mackenzie Stewart
Barry Stulberg
Tahiya Sultan
Lekan Sumonu
Thaila Sundaresan
Chris Swift
Moe R. Tangman
Grace Thompson
Jim Topinka
Bradley Tubbs
Latoya Tyson
Patti Vecera
Megan A. Vogel
Lorraine Wang
Christopher Weathers
Laura Weinhardt
Matthew Widmyer
Sherron Wiggins
Ray Williams
Rebecca L. Williams
Breck Wilmot
Conrad Wilton
William Wu

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