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We partner with our in-house clients on pro bono and social impact work that supports their personal interests in doing good, aligns with their company’s strategic priorities, strengthens their relationships with DWT attorneys, and increases access to justice for pro bono clients, communities, and causes.


Reproductive Rights

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision spurred our attorneys to redouble their efforts on reproductive rights.


Responding to Dobbs

In collaboration with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a team led by Bruce E. H. Johnson and Chava Brandriss analyzed the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision’s due process implications.


In collaboration with Lawyers for Good Government, a team led by DWT’s Laura Sack contributed to a 50-state database to capture relevant local case law, statutes, regulations, and proposed measures related to reproductive health access.


In partnership with the National Women’s Law Center, a team led by Sheehan Sullivan researched potential liability issues arising from travel across state lines for reproductive healthcare access.

DWT held two educational trainings on the legal implications of Dobbs. The first was hosted by legal services organization Legal Voice, where presenters discussed the tremendous impact of Dobbs and the shift in legislation that was transpiring on a domestic level. The second training was hosted by the Center for Reproductive Rights, where presenters reviewed reproductive rights on a global level.

Defending Patients and Providers at ClinicS Under Siege

DWT has represented Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho in a long-running effort to stop interference with healthcare services and patients at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Spokane, Washington.

DWT litigators Jim Grant and Vicky Slade brought suit against a group calling itself “The Church at Planned Parenthood,” which held rallies on the grass and sidewalk next to the clinic, with amplified sound systems, bands, and speakers. The protests were profoundly disturbing to patients, blocked the sidewalk for patients trying to access the clinic, and interfered with the work of physicians and staff.

Joining with attorneys from Legal Voice, our team secured a preliminary injunction and then a permanent injunction, barring protests during business hours or in the area next to the clinic. Jim and Vicky followed up to win an award of statutory damages against the protest organizers, and ultimately obtained recovery of $850,000, including for damages paid to Planned Parenthood and for costs of the litigation.

Paralegals Margie Laketa and Andrea Cariño, and IT professional Jim Budig, played key roles in these victories. The team dedicated more than 1,500 hours to the case, and the successful outcome helps ensure that Planned Parenthood can continue to provide healthcare without interference and patients can obtain the services they need, free of harassment or intimidation.

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